Our Baby World: The Slow Loris

Full credit to www.zooborns.com for this daily dose of squee!

Fast facts about the slow loris:

  •  Nine species of slow lorises currently recognized — the Bengal, Bornean, greater, Hiller’s, Javan, Kayan, Philippine, pygmy and Sody’s. That adorable fur baby above is a pygmy loris.
  • Slow lorises have one of the slowest primate life histories; six months pregnancy for these teeny primates produces babies the weight of a handful of paper clips (less than 50 g). They can live to be 25 years old.
  • Nightmare fuel: Their movement looks similar to a snake’s due to their twisting movement caused by having several more vertebra in their spine than other primates.
  • Cuddly murderer—The slow loris has a bite so poisonous that its venom can kill you. Currently there is no known cure and we don’t know why the slow loris is venomous

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