Our Baby World Easter Style: Holland Lop Bunnies


Fast facts about Holland lops:

  • Any rabbit with ears that fall vertically from their head is considered a lop.
  • Holland lops are the smallest of their adorable lop brethren (other lop types include, but aren’t limited to: American fuzzy, English, French, and mini). They were bred in the 60s by combining French, Netherlands and mini lops.
  • Lops are as diverse as they are cute. The only thing they have in common are their ears. Hollands are diminutive darlings whereas English and French lops often weigh in at a hefty 9 pounds and have longer ears. English lops are the oldest and rarest lop breed.
  • Hollands are perky and make especially wonderful pets, as they are affectionate and easily trainable. Don’t be surprised if yours gives you a gentle bunbuns kiss.
  • Unlike other breeds, Hollands are sensitive to alfalfa, which in large quantities can be fatal.



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