Classic Fashion Corner: Bridget Bardot


Fashionwise, I pretty much live in the 50/early 60s. I’ve always loved gingham print. It’s sexy with a dash of innocence and purity and not worn nearly as much as it should be. Few people rocked gingham (or headbands, another fashion staple of mine) like Bridget Bardot.

Fast facts about Bridget Bardot:

  • Bardot was a ballerina before she was an actress, landing her big-break role in And God Created Woman and instantly creating her sex kitten persona.
  • In 1969, she became the official face of Marianne (previously depicted as anonymous), France’s symbol of liberty.
  • After she retired, she dedicated herself to animal rights activism, she became a vegetarian and established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.
  • Bardot was a friend to the animals, Muslims, not so much. She made some controversial statements about Islam and France and has been fined about five times for inciting racial hatred. She once referred to Muslims in France as “this population which leads us by the nose and destroys us and our country.”

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