Classic Fashion Corner: Iris Apfel

The grande dame of accessorizing, Iris Apfel

When it comes to fashion, Iris and I couldn’t be more opposite. I hardly wear jewelry, I’m not big into furs or bold southwestern patterns and I can count the number of colors featured in my wardrobe on one hand. I find her fascinating because of our sartorial differences, not in spite of them. In a world where so many people give up on fashion once they reach middle age, Iris shows us age is no excuse to look dowdy.

Fast facts about Iris Apfel:

  • Iris has a fashion mentorship program at the University of Texas.
  • Although Iris has her own documentary and has been featured Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s and Bill Cunningham New York, getting her in the public eye took some convincing. “I was not a public person.”
  • A lady after my own heart, Iris is vocally anti-Botox.
  • Her trademark large framed glasses have been her signature look ever since she was a little kid and she is a self-described “flea-market freak.”

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